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“These crisp contributions read like the thoughts of ordinary folks trying to figure out how to live sustainable and meaningful lives in thrall of enormous changes that so often seem beyond the reach of individual action. This book is an important and often moving contribution.”  ~ World Literature Today 

Facing the Change: Personal Encounters with Global Warming is a new kind of book about climate change. Instead of experts talking at us, this innovative literary collection shares the voices of fellow citizens struggling to make sense of the concrete changes taking place in our world today. Instead of scientific facts and predictions, this book offers personal essays, poems, and short stories expressing what’s going on in people’s lives, hearts, and dreams. Instead of leaving readers guilty and disempowered, this book will help us all to begin to work through the full range of emotions—confusion, fear, sorrow, anger, and realistic hope—that we must face in confronting the crisis.

Showcasing the voices of a wide range of authors—from prize-winning writers and poets such as Roxana Robinson, Audrey Schulman, and Barbara Crooker, to regular citizens and young people, from San Diego up to Maine and from Alaska to Florida and on to Malaysia—Facing the Change offers a new opportunity for moving past denial and despair to awareness and action.

You can read selections from the book at our online sampler, Facing the Change Online: For news and reviews, to meet the authors and editor, or for ordering information and links, click on the menu tabs above. For a full press kit, click on the tab “Torrey House Press” and follow the link to the publisher’s FTC page. A link to our Facebook page is on the right; at the bottom-right, click on the little “Follow” tab to sign up for future (very occasional) posts from this site. Thank you for your interest in Facing the Change!

“This is a beautiful book to keep near, open at random, and share the words of gifted writers as they prepare for the coming changes.” ~ Publisher’s Weekly

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