Booklist: FTC is “artistic and intimate”

Facing the Change is reviewed by Whitney Scott in the current (October 15) issue of Booklist, the American Library Association’s journal of reviews for libraries and booksellers:

“[Editor Steven Pavlos] Holmes, a scholar in environmental humanities, has assembled a rich, varied collection of personal accounts and poems that conveys ‘individual, emotional, even spiritual’ feelings about living with manmade climate change, and ‘what those changes and feelings mean to us.’ Written at different times and places over the last decade, these works include Jill Riddell’s midwestern, tragicomic regrets at needing a ‘Pearl Harbor moment,’ part of her ‘heroic fantasies . . . to feel unified with other Americans’ concerned with climate change. But she concludes that ‘unheroic, everyday changes . . . may lead to success.’ New Mexico’s Jim O’Donnell laments the ‘Red Flag’ days of relentless wind that destroyed his roof and his sense of safety, leading him to survivalist imaginings. Oregon poet Kristen Berger grieves her daughter’s delight with the increasingly scarce walrus, one of too many ‘disappearing wonders,’ while Maine’s Roxana Robinson worries about ‘unseasonal fluctuations’ of January temperatures symbolized in ‘her’ snowshoe hare’s ineffective protective coloration. An artistic and intimate approach to the problem that humanizes our concerns.”


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