A book launched in Boston

I’m happy to report on a successful book event yesterday at the Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary (www.massaudubon.org/boston). Over 30 people turned out to hear Tara Masih and Sydney Landon Plum read from their essays (as well as poetry selections from Harry Smith and Paul Sohar), and to engage in spirited and thoughtful discussion of topics such as the cycles of monarch butterflies, biological control of purple loosestrife, and (of course) the importance of grassroots storytelling in nurturing truth, reconciliation, and empowerment in the face of global warming. The event began with a moment of silence for Nelson Mandela and with a recording of a cello piece by an undergraduate from Minnesota named Daniel Crawford, who has put the last 130 years of mean annual temperature changes into musical form, another powerful artistic expression (if you haven’t heard it, check it out at http://ensia.com/videos/a-song-of-our-warming-planet/). Thanks to Sydney, Tara, and the folks at the BNC (especially Andrew MacBlane, who helped organize and introduce the event) for making it happen – and to all who showed up, for making it happen!

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