FTC author Rachel Augustine on NYC’s Green Living Radio

Our youngest author is our first radio star! Poet Rachel Augustine – now 21, but 15 when she wrote “Tiny Black Rocks” – was interviewed on NYC’s Green Living Radio on Dec 30. To listen online, go to https://archive.org/details/Dec.30GreenLiving.

The half-hour segment (which begins around minute 26 of the show) includes wide-ranging discussion of topics from FTC and global warming in general to the musical uses of a French coal mine and the changing laws about women using men’s bathrooms! Along the way, Rachel and interviewer Soledad Haren also touch on issues such as mountaintop removal, the future growth of automobiles in Mexico, international effects of American e-waste, and the environmental effects of rampant development in China. Rachel makes an interesting point about women authors’ tendency to combine science with a personal perspective – reflected in the line-up of authors in FTC – while Soledad, referring specifically to continuing effects of Superstorm Sandy, sums up both the discussion and the book: “The future is here now.”

Good work, Rachel! Thanks, Green Living Radio!


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