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How are you facing the change?

We’ve all heard the scientific facts and predictions about global climate change. But when you hear the experts talking, how do you feel? Are you stunned, frightened, angry, concerned? Do you think about the places you love, and how they may be affected by climate change in the future? Have you already observed changes in the world around you? Has global warming affected your hopes and dreams for the future, your beliefs about humanity or the natural world, your religious faith? To what people, places, and symbols do you turn for strength and sustenance?

We hope that this anthology will inspire you to further reflection and conversation – with your friends and family, your neighbors, colleagues, and communities – and that this website will serve as a means of sharing that conversation with the larger world. Please feel free to comment on anything on this site using the Reply form at the bottom of each page or posting; follow us on Facebook (click here); or write directly to editor Steven Pavlos Holmes at stevenpavlosholmes(a)

You’re also encouraged to submit your own writing for consideration for posting on this website. Submissions should express your own personal experience and reflections about global warming, including (but not limited to) topics such as:

  • Perceiving the reality of climate change, through direct experience at home or while travelling, or through imagining what may happen in the future to places you love
  • Facing the feelings – denial, fear, guilt, grief, anger, sadness, despair
  • Dancing with your sources of life – connecting with those people, places, beings, and activities with whom you nurture love, joy, power, and hope in the face of crisis
  • Reflecting on your religious and philosophical foundations – reassessing your own fundamental beliefs, values, guiding symbols, and visions for the future
  • Choosing to change your life in any arena – work, family, lifestyle, community, cultural activities, political choices and involvement – and facing the personal and practical challenges of making those changes real in your life and in the world

 Again, please ground your writing in personal experience – no purely theoretical arguments or polemics. Please include a brief author bio and contact information (e-mail address at minimum).


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